Just about everyone uses some type of body lotion, but most products are just a topical lotion and not a hydrating body cream. Although a normal body lotion will moisturize the top of the skin, a hydrating cream will actually penetrate the skin up to 6, even 7 layers deep. There are many benefits to using a body cream versus a lotion.

1. True body creams that work into your skin are organically made from natural ingredients. By using ingredients like these and other natural enzymes, they allow your body to retain the full benefit of the moisturizer.

2. It can be used over your whole body, not just to one specific area, like hands, neck or feet. However, it is best to use separate moisturizers on your face and neck due to the delicate make up of your epidermis in those areas.

3. Body cream is thicker than lotion, so a little goes a long way. If you do your homework, you will be able to find a cream that suits your budget in the long run.

4. Because body cream is designed to penetrate your skin, it helps it become more balanced, causing dry spots to absorb more moisture and oily spots to absorb less. The result is an overall tone and texture to your skin.

An organic body wash doesn't lather as much as a conventional product. It means that it doesn't contain harsh chemicals that create bubbles. Organic cleansers use plant-based surfactants to create a tight cleansing foam.



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